High end quality interior and exterior painting for all surfaces and finishes


For your new walls or refresh your walls or ceilings by re-plastering


Walls or ceilings, wallpaper hanging is a form of art, make sure it's done right by hiring a professional


All finishes are only as good as the prep work beforehand. Make sure it's done right.

Interior & Exterior Painting

I provide painting and decorating services for all aspects of both the interior and exterior of your home, both are equally important when it comes to home improvements. I use the best tools, materials and paint to provide you with an outstanding finish and a room or surface that you will fall in love with

Whatever area of your home you're looking to freshen up, from walls, ceilings, covings or skirting boards, to windows, doors, cladding or masonry I will provide you with a finish that you will be proud to show off to your families and friends.

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Whether you have brand new walls that require plastering or you want to revive old walls, my skills and expertise will leave you with the perfect blank canvas ready for a seamless finish.



Wallpapering requires great skill and knowledge to ensure a seamless finish. The prep work before placing wallpaper on walls or ceilings is absolutely essential. I will ensure this is all completed to perfection and will put up any wallpaper type you require.

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Paint and Wood Stripping

All finishes are only as good as the prep work beforehand. Make sure it's done right. To make your finish perfect I can thoroughly strip any paint or wood surfaces to assist with a perfect finish.